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Directions North to Southbridge

Directions from
South to North
are HERE

Please note the route is waymarked in both directions.




Download all directions (from North to South)

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  1. The Loop starts at a finger post at the foot of a short flight of steps with with the river below.  You NEED to turn left to leave the Pennine way and begin the HEBDEN BRIDGE LOOP.
  1. Follow the causey-stone path for 150 metres to the edge of the wood.  Go through the stile and gate and straight on, following the causey-stone path diagonally across the field.

  1. At the first waymark post go to the left and at the second, turn right. Follow the paved causey path across several fields.

  1. At the junction turn left then straight on for 50 metres. At the next junction turn right.

  1. After 50 metres pass behind the house on to a causey paved path between the wall and the fence.

  1. At the end, at a junction by a bench, go straight ahead on a wide track.  This gently drops to a fork where you take the upper track along to a tarmac road.

  1. Turn left up the tarmac road for 100 metres to Windy Harbour Farm.  At the side of the first house turn right, going through the wall by a small copse of trees.

  1. Follow the path along the wall, through a gap stile. Bear left along the causey-stone path to another gap stile on to the road (next to a Hebden Bridge Loop information board).

  1. Turn right along the road (which becomes cobbled) for 400 metres and you are in the centre of Heptonstall with the Post Office, café and pubs nearby


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  1. From the tea room, head towards the bus shelter and keep going for 50 metres along Hepton Drive –  then take the next road off to the right.

  2. Turn next left, onto a track and then immediately right on a path at a waymark post (and a Hebden Bridge Loop information board).

  3. Cross an small road and soon emerge at a T junction with a fine view of the valley.  Go left.

  4. Go down the steps and come out at a quarry called Hell Hole Rocks

  5. Keep on this path, bearing left around the large freestanding rock then  heading gently down for 500 metres until you reach Heptonstall Road.  Cross the road and turn right down hill.

  6. After 100 metres, take a path with steps down to the left.

  7. At the bottom of the steps and paved track (locals call them the cuckoo steps) turn left along the main road through Hebden Bridge.

  8. Keep ahead until the shops end at the Old Gate pub then take the road bearing off to the left following the river.

  9. After 200 metres you reach the 16th century bridge after which the town was named. Cross the Bridge. Have a look around.


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  1. Facing the White Swan pub at the end of the bridge turn right following the pedestrianised street, passing a walkers information board in the car park on your left, to a cross roads with traffic light.

  2. Go straight across the main road and walk down Holme Street, passing the Trades Club and the Post Office.

  3. At the end turn left, then, straight away at the lock turn sharply right to follow the towpath  (just past a Hebden Bridge Loop information board)

  4. After 300 metres, turn right just before the bridge, then immediately left across the bridge.

  5. Almost immediately turn right up New Road.

  6. Head up this steep hill (eventually it becomes cobbled) until it bends to the right with a gate ahead set back from the road.

  7. Go through the gate on to a track which runs at the top of a beech wood. After ¾ km you arrive at a finger post signed in several directions.

  8. Bear right, cross the bridge and climb up to the junction with a track. Turn left and you are now back on the Pennine Way.

  9. Go ahead on the track for 1 km until you come to Lower Rough Head Farm on your left.

  10. Just after the farm where the track does a sharp left, take the footpath to the right.

  11. At the second stile turn left and follow the path alongside the wall.

  12. When you reach a cross roads, go straight across heading uphill. At a gap stile and finger post find a Hebden Bridge Loop information board where you turn right towards Stoodley Pike.


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